Must-Know WP-CLI Commands for WordPress Management

10 Must-Know WP-CLI Commands for WordPress Management

  • May 5, 2023

1. Lists all installed plugins

wp plugin list

2. Installs a plugin

wp plugin install

3. Activates a plugin

wp plugin activate

4. Deactivates a plugin

wp plugin deactivate

5. Deletes a plugin

wp plugin delete

6. Lists all installed themes

wp theme list

7. Installs a theme

wp theme install

8. Activates a theme

wp theme activate

9. Deletes a theme

wp theme delete

10. Lists all registered users

wp user list

11. Download core WordPress files

wp core download

12. Export WordPress database

wp db export ~/wpdump.sql

13. Install WDordPress

wp install --url=<site-url> -D-title=<site-title> --admin_user=<admin-username> --admin_password=<admin-password> --admin_email=<admin-email>

14. Replace in database

wp search-replace '' '' --skip-columns=guid

15. Check WP CLI version

wp cli version

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